Vitamins??Multivitamins Supplement???

Last year I was suffering from hair fall.I tried all best products which were available in market  ranging  from hair oil to Shampoos whether it was advance chemical or Ayurvedic....but couldn't get results.

Then after doing Google search, I came to know that I have "Biotin" deficiency in my diet.
Being a professional worker at private company I never thought about this while eating, because we hardly have time to spend with our family,then forget about our own health.We are quite busy to achieve organisations vision,mission & goal, & in return we get average salary. But what about health??? Who will take care of that... "who we are and what we are???""we are the only one who is responsible for our self."
This thought change my life & now I am taking care of all vitamins and their doses which we required on the daily basis.The way how we focus about Macronutrient PFC (Protin,Essential Fat, Carbohydrates) similarly we have to balance the Vitam…