Vitamins??Multivitamins Supplement???

Last year I was suffering from hair fall.I tried all best products which were available in market  ranging  from hair oil to Shampoos whether it was advance chemical or Ayurvedic....but couldn't get results.

Then after doing Google search, I came to know that I have "Biotin" deficiency in my diet.
Being a professional worker at private company I never thought about this while eating, because we hardly have time to spend with our family,then forget about our own health.We are quite busy to achieve organisations vision,mission & goal, & in return we get average salary. But what about health??? Who will take care of that... "who we are and what we are???"
"we are the only one who is responsible for our self."

This thought change my life & now I am taking care of all vitamins and their doses which we required on the daily basis.The way how we focus about Macronutrient PFC (Protin,Essential Fat, Carbohydrates) similarly we have to balance the Vitamins in our diet.Vitamins are important for our eyesight,nails & hair.

Taking vitamin through Natural food is good but Several Studies have found out that irrespective of how much & whatever we eat we never  fulfill our daily requirement of Vitamins which our body required.

Whenever we say Supplement then, generally we think that ''this product is not meant for normal people.. this is made for someone who does heavy exercise." but this is not true.. anyone can take Multivitamin Supplement there is no limit to the ages,Sex, height or weight.(Krickland has different product for different age,Sex etc.)(Please check with your Nutritionist because someone may have different medical condition)

"krikland Signature Daily Multi Dietary Supplement." This Product is private label brand of world's well know retailer "Costco"a American multinational corporation.If it is American product then you can take deep will get best quality products & it will be as per international standards. America never compromise in quality if it is health related products.


                                                        (Please avoid Overdoses)One Tablet Daily give complete doses of multivitamin which we required on daily basis.Bottle Contain 500 Tablets & which has Validity of 1 Year which means One person can take 365 per year remaining you can give it to your love one who is not taking the vitamins.
It is recommended to use vitamins only after meal after lunch or dinner for proper absorption of Vitamins & minerals. 

It is available on few online shopping website, I purchased it from "" it was around 3030 Indian Rupees.

Following are the Multivitamin Supplements which are available in Market are:

(Doses vary from Brand  to Brand)
So now we have to be aware about Healthy Life, by reading some books we should educate our children about the Vitamins Chart,their role in our body & how we can get vitamins from Natural food which will be helpful for their future  to solve the problems like Hair fall, Skin Problems, Eye site issues.


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